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We want your experience at Candlestick Park (fka Monster Park; 3Com Park and Candlestick Park :) to be  positive and enjoyable.  Although we have provided actual or representative views from each of our seats, you may find the following tips even more helpful.

1. All of our seats are listed for each game and grouped together by location.  i.e.,
  • Endzone & Value Priced Seats
  • Goal Line to 5 YL - Blue Section
  • 5 YL to 30 YL - Gold Section
  • 31 YL to 50 YL - Gold Section

  • As of 2011, there are 5 sections called Platinum:  LB16 & LB18 (49ers Side)  and  LE29, LE31 & LE33 (Rows 1-19 on Visitors' side)
  • 40 YL to 50 YL -  Platinum Section - With IN-SEAT food service.
Some sets of seats can be purchased together for larger groups who want to be within a row of each other.  Look for highlighted notes (We do offer value priced group seats in the UR sections.  See below.)

2. The following are the abbreviations for our seats:

LE: Lower East  Rows 1-48
          aka Visitors' side  sunny side and East side.
          The Gold Sections are from LE25 trhough LE39 (Except for Platinum section)
The Platinum Sections are LE29, LE31 and LE33 - Rows: 1-19 only.
The rows  are divided into 3 sections:  1-19 || 20-35 || 36-48

LB Lower Box Rows A-Z
These are seats on the west side or Niners' side.  
The Gold Sections are from LB12, LB14, LB20,  LB22 & LR24
The Platinum Sections are LB16 & LB18

LR Lower Reserved Rows 1-24
          These are seats on the west side (Niners' side)
The Gold Sections are from LR12 to LR24
          The LR seats are underneath the overhang and protected from the elements.
Row 1 starts immediately after Row Z of LB sections

UB: Upper Box Rows A-H
Even numbered Box seats are on the west side and are closer to the field than on the east side UB sections because of the overhang.

UR: Upper Reserved,  Rows 1-23
Value priced.  Many of our group seats are here and can be very fun for large groups.

  3.  The 49ers expect their fans to behave responsibly and to be respectful of other fans around.  Fans who are deemed disorderly by the Forty Niners may be ejected from their seats and will forfeit their ticket for the game.  

Please enjoy the game!
Please feel free to call or email us with any questions.

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or call:

(510) 927-3202  - Local number
(800) 793-9449  - Toll Free (Only for outside California)

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